SPAM Collegiate and University Pennants

15th Nov 2021

Hormel, the company that makes SPAM ham, used to give away free collegiate pennants in the 1950s. All you had to do was sent in a quarter through the mail (presumably to cover the cost of postage) with a label from your SPAM purchase and Hormel would send you six collegiate pennants. There were a total of 96 schools to pick from. The pennants measured 9 1/4 long by 3 1/2 inches tall at the highest point.

Hormel pointed out what a great bargain these are as pennants in the 1950s regularly sold for 15 cents each, thus getting six for only 25 cents was a 90 cent value. The pennants are collectible today and sell for a lot more than 15 cents each!

Other pennants we carry in inventory from time to time were called "Go-Go" pennants, also made of felt. People often ask if the holes in the pennant were a defect. They were not, they were a feature of the pennant, so you could hang them from a string as pictured in the company advertisement below.

The pennants were made by Leaf Brands, a division of W.R. Grace and measured 9 3/4 inches by 3 1/8 inches. 

We are unsure how many kids mounted their pennants from their hot rods as the company suggested!