Columbia University Poster

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Reproduction from 1902. New print of a classic 1902 college poster for Columbia University.

A new century was in progress and this poster captured the life of a college student of the era. An undergraduate student is captured in a white turtleneck with the Columbia “C” on the front. He is seated in a chair smoking a cigarette. On a wall behind are three pictures—one of an athlete, one of an older person, perhaps a father, who is wearing a similar sweater, and a picture of a woman, perhaps a girlfriend or mother. On a shelf above him are a collection of tobacco pipes, plates and beer mugs, and a Columbia pennant. Deutz Lithograph Co., New York, produced the original photolithograph on which this digital reprint is based. This print is on a quality 100# high glossy text paper. The poster measures 10.5” (w) X 16.5” (h). It has a small border to allow for framing. When matted, this format is perfect for a standard 16” x 20” frame, a manageable size for a variety of decorating purposes.

This poster was done by John E. Sheridan, one of a small group of illustrators who brought style and talent to the art of posters. Mr. Sheridan produced covers for The Saturday Evening Post and other magazines.